Cars for rent in Tulum to discover cenotes

Knowing new places and admiring the landscapes on the road is an incredible experience that you should not miss. In Tulum, there are points of great interest that you can visit during your stay, for example, the cenotes! And what better with one of the rental cars in Tulum offered by Avant Rent a Car.

The southeast of the Mexican Republic is famous for its outstanding beauty, immense culture, and all those fantastic places that prevail. The cenotes are large pools of crystal clear water born from the heart of the earth; most of them are surrounded by jungle, and all this combination makes an extraordinary mix.

In Tulum and its surroundings, there are several cenotes worth visiting. Read on to discover some of them and the features that make them unique.

The three best cenotes to visit by car

After having enjoyed a few days in the Tulum area, you can take the car you rented, and travel to the most popular cenotes, we are sure that you will love them!

1.- The Great Cenote

It is the most popular of the place and. It is usually very visited because, in addition to being impressive due to its structure, it is located very close to the archaeological zone of Cobá. The characteristic that stands out the most in this cenote is its open-air part, and the other is located inside a cave.

2.- The Hidden Cenote

The inhabitants of Tulum mention it very often; it is very likely that if you ask a tenant, they will highly recommend it. Access to this site is very cheap, and mangroves surround it, and the safest thing is that you will be able to see the odd crab or iguana. This is located at the end of the hotel zone.

3.- Cenote Dos Ojos

Do you like diving? This is the right place to do it! Cenote Dos Ojos bears this name because a cavern joins them, and from the heights, you can see the shape of a pair of eyes. We assure you that this cenote is one of the most expensive, but it is entirely worth visiting. If you arrive early, you will most likely see bats coming out of the cave.

The cars for rent in Tulum will allow you to travel to various places without the need to wait for transportation and stand in long lines. Take advantage and know the benefits that Avant Rent a Car offers to you; enjoy the beauty of a cenote!

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