Everything you need to know about cheap car rental insurance in Cancun

Cheap car rental in Cancun is something that all tourists with an established budget look for to make their expenses more efficient since a luxury means of transportation is not the plus of their next vacation.

These types of cars are ideal for those travelers looking to explore Cancun and learn more about its attractive beaches and tourist centers, as well as for those who travel for work and must travel long distances, but of course, they do not want to spend so much on a car! A car that they will only drive to go to work!

This is why companies like Avant Rent a Car offer all its following users cheap car rental in Cancun, so you don’t stop enjoying yourself, and you can transport yourself much more quickly.

And since cheap car rental in Cancun is one of the most requested, you must know everything about purchasing insurance when your next car rental is.


Cheap car rental insurance in Cancun

In addition to being a requirement, the acquisition of insurance for the car you rent is mandatory. And although many users consider it an unnecessary expense, the truth is that it is an investment that will make you enjoy your trip better and avoid surprises. Nobody knows what can happen while you drive; besides, yes or yes, it is one more precaution to safeguard your life.


Types of auto insurance

There is a wide variety of car insurance; however, each company can set up its insurance or protection for a defined price to let you purchase a car. It is up to you to decide which protections you consider necessary and mandatory.


Among the most common we find:

  • Civil liability coverage: It must be remembered that every vehicle that travels on federal highways in Mexico must have basic civil liability insurance for damages to third parties that cover goods and people. It is mandatory to include this type of insurance at least in your following rent.
  • Elimination of deductible: You will be exempt from paying the corresponding deductible for any material damage, including theft, by contracting this type of insurance.
  • Medical expenses: This type of coverage protects the driver and his companions in the event of an accident, providing them with medical assistance at no additional cost.
  • Property damage: Also known as CDW ( Collision Damage Waiver ) -for its acronym in English- this coverage covers damage to the vehicle caused by a collision or rollover, regardless of whether its damage is partial or total. This coverage also protects against the complete theft of the car.
  • Roadside assistance: This type of insurance usually covers any kind of damage suffered during a federal highway, ranging from tire changes or repair due to mechanical failure, including the provision of a locksmith in case of forgetting the keys inside the vehicle or the replacement of keys in case of losing them.
  • Total vehicle coverage: This type of coverage is the only one offered by Avant Rent a Car, is a total coverage against all risks; Of course, to make it valid, you must meet the following conditions:
    1. The driver must be authorized in the lease, including additional drivers.
    2. The driver must not be intoxicated with drugs or alcohol.
    3. The provisions of the lease must be complied with.
    4. In the event of an accident, it must be reported immediately, and the adjuster must wait to collect data and details of the accident.
    5. The car must remain at the scene of the accident.
    6. No agreement should be signed or reached until an Avant adjuster Rent a Car authorizes it. In case of disregard, the coverage will be invalid.
    7. This coverage does not cover loss of keys, wheels, tires, accessories, or violations or fines.

Now you know, nothing like being 100% prepared for your next trip, because the safety of goods and people is always the most important thing!

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