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These are the requirements for our car rental service:

Major credit card (Visa, Mastercard o Amex ).

Official photo Id (Passport).

Valid Driver’s License (issued in any country).

Minimum age: 25 years old.


As a backup the for rental agreement , we require of a guarantee deposit on every rental. This deposit, as agreed by both parts, will be used to cover extras and/or damages or losses caused to the rented vehicle that are not covered or had not been reported to the insurance.

This deposit will be pre authorized and held in your credit card and it will be released at the return of the vehicle.

The amount of the deposit will depend on the selected vehicle’s category. From $350 USD for sub compact cars up to $1200 USD for full size vans.


Rates charged are per day (24 Hours), with a one-hour tolerance for vehicle return. Starting from the 26th hour, additional charges per extra hour will be applied (1 Extra hour = 1/6 of Daily rate), including the tolerance hour. All rates include unlimited mileage, and are not subject to ANY SURCHARGE. We will not add any extra charges, fees or ‘airport taxes’ at the moment of the rental, like other major car rentals do. The ONLY possible additional charge may be for gasoline, in case you return your car with less than the provided amount or for damages or losses caused to the rented vehicle that are not covered or had not been reported to the insurance.

As part of our service, all vehicles can be delivered and returned at our office located near the Cancun International Airport at the time of your convenience without any additional charges.

We offer a 24 hrs free shuttle service that transports you back and forth to our office from any of the 4 terminals of Cancun Intl airporta
If you require to return or pick up the rental car anywhere outside Cancun, you may request it beforehand at the moment you place your reservation.
This service is available for rentals of 7 or more days and is subject to additional drop off charges, depending on the distance.

The rented vehicle is not allowed to leave Mexican Territory. All insurance contracted are void and not operate outside Mexico. The only country you can visit with our vehicles is Belize. If you want to do so, you will have to request it in advance for us to issue the necessary permits, free of charge, and you will have to consider contracting other insurance at the Belizean border.


Avant Rent a Car offers on every rental the registration of an additional driver without cost. We do care for your safety and we know it is better to let some one else drive when you are tired or not at 100% of your capacity.

Please request it when renting the vehicle and filling out the rental agreement . The only requirement is a valid driver’s license.

Vehicles driven by an unauthorized driver will void the insurance coverage.
In case you want to register a 3rd driver, an additional payment of $6.00 US Dlls per day will be required.


The renter is allowed to extend the rental period in case he/she needs it. We require notification of the extension period by phone to our office at least 24 hours before the rental agreement’s expiration. If you prefer to do it by e-mail , we require 48 hours of anticipation and you will have to receive an email confirmation for your request.


After the vehicle has been picked up and you have paid for your rental period , if you have the need to return the vehicle before the rental agreement’s expiration for any reason not concerning Avant , we will not be able to refund any money for the unused days. However, we will gladly credit these unused rental days on a future rental.


The rental rates do not include gasoline. To prevent additional charges at car return, please refuel vehicle with the same amount that you received it with at pick up. We usually deliver all vehicles with a full tank, otherwise, the gas level at delivery is clearly stated on the rental agreement. Please take note that when we charge for fuel, we use our own fuel tables, not the ones used at the service stations.

If you return the vehicle with more gasoline, we will not be able to refund you for it.


In case an unexpected event requires cancelling a confirmed reservation, here are our cancellation policies:

Cancellations notified 3 days in advance will have no penalty.

Cancellations notified 1 or 2 days in advance will have a one day rental charge penalty.

Cancellations received on the same day or No Shows will have a 50% rental charge penalty.


Avant Rent a Car provides the most economical insurance you can contract in any other car rental around the world.

For a small fixed daily fee, our insurance has enormous advantages since it covers you, and excludes you from payments, in case of accidents. It offers ZERO deductible (franchise) protection for the following coverages:

  • CDW: Collision Damage Waiver, covers any type of damages to the rented vehicle on accidents or collision while driving on paved roads, cities or highways.
  • LDW: Loss Damage Waiver, covers theft /loss of the rented vehicle.
  • PLI: Liability and third-party damages on properties or people, caused with the rented vehicle.
  • ALI/RC: Additional Liability Insurance/Civil responsibility coverage, complying with the new coverage requirements issued by Highway Mexican Law, article 62 issued in 2004.
  • Legal Assistance for customers in case of an accident involving violation of any law.


Please note that the following are certain restrictions for the damage payment exemption (Zero deductible), which normally never occur:

In the event that they occur, your insurance still provides coverage. However, in these particular cases you will be subject to the payment of a deductible of maximum 10% of the average value of the rented vehicle, in order to cover the damage caused.

  • -When the vehicle suffers damages while maneuvering for parking and the driver hits a fixed object, such as a wall, tree, fence or any other obstacle.
  • -When the vehicle suffers damage caused by another vehicle or any other thing that escapes or flees the scene, and there is no photograph, and/or license plate information, of said unit or entity that caused the damage.
  • -When being driven on unpaved roads.
  • -Partial theft or missing parts of a vehicle.
  • -Broken or damaged glasses


All this above coverage will ONLY BE VALID by meeting these 3 requirements:

  • 1) The driver is registered in the rental agreement as an authorized driver.
  • 2) The driver is not under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drugs; or medication contraindicated in machinery operations, while driving.
  • 3) The damage, or accident, must be reported immediately at the time it occurs and at the scene. The vehicle must not be moved until the insurance agent arrives.

This last number 3 requirement is very important. Failure to comply with this requirement will cause all coverage insurance to be totally void as there will be no means to verify you comply with the other two requirements.

You must follow this step in order for the insurance agent be able to confirm the driver is an authorized driver, verify the driver’s conditions, and take pictures and evidence in the same place the accident occurred.

The vehicle must remain at the same location the accident took place and can only be moved if an authority or police officer indicates or requires you to do so.

Please take note that in order to waive you from any payment for damages you must wait for the insurance agent to arrive. When done, he will provide you with a damage waiver sheet you should deliver at our office at car return. Sometimes, and depending on where you are, it may take a few hours to the insurance agent to arrive. Failure to do so will void all insurance coverage and all damages will be charged to the renter.

You can be in contact at all times with our agents to help you with information during these procedures.


  • -Traffic tickets.
  • -Damage to tires (rubber) and/or wheels (metal or aluminum).
  • -Loss and/or damage of the hubcaps, keys, license plates and other accessories such as baby car seats, etc.
  • -Smoking odor.
  • Damage or stains to upholstery and /or any interior parts of the vehicle.
  • Damage to the vehicle caused by driving through floods, or to the chassis and/or body frame of the vehicle due to driving on unpaved roads.

It is important to understand that all these coverages were contracted between the renter (You) and AVANT RENT A CAR by means of the rental agreement. By sign it, you are accepting, and are subject to, these benefits and their restrictions . It has nothing to do with the policy contracted by us with other insurance companies that we use, which only cover damage to third parties.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or cash (MXN/USD).